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How we pack our products.
Packing is one of the most important elements of comparison from your loading into container, maximizing room, avoidance of damages and it effects on you price. If your exports are packed so simply to limit price this means under standard level I will totally be sure you that these risks will happen and of course it make me trustless. So, I have realized this packing should be done as my pictures show. Normally, slip cast in glaze or any small pots under 35 cm diameter will be put in carton box, big pots for outdoor with 40 cm diameter up will be bundled or cross packed. In addition, some special items like vases, stand, urns with handle should be packed in wooden crate. You can require us stuffing with no pallets, full pallets, half pallets or your special packing. We always to listen and do it at the best way  
We will welcome your own packing that you would show us.
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